Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer - References

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Products, still in production

I usually design only part of a product. A schematics diagram, a PCB, a firmware, a test program, or a test kit.
But sometimes I design a product alone from start to finish, or took significant part of its creation.


VIDEOTON Densitron Macher Kft. BiancaMed Sabeus NTERA MP Informatikai Kft. APEX LED GmbH G+ GPEG

Companies, I worked for


USB-RS485 converter 3D models CSScript screenshot ComCommonLib screenshot USB-RS485 converter

Reference projects

Small projects to show my style and skills.
Unfortunately I usually work under an NDA, which is sometimes so strict, that it does not allow me to mention even the name of the project. Therefore I cannot show anything serious here.