Pintér Gábor

Pintér Gábor

Electronic Design Engineer
Curriculum Vitae

Electronic Design Engineer, MSEE, with 30 years of experience in digital and analog hardware and software design. Designed electronic cards for all types of flat panel displays, computers, touch panels, RFID systems, LED lamps, sensors and robots. Experienced in hardware design, programming, product development, manufacturing, writing documentation, web design and automation. Usually works over internet.


Electronic Design Engineer
Continued working for Robart, Hilti and others from his home office.
Hardware Design Engineer
Worked full time at Robart designing IEC 60355 compliant safety critical hardware and software components, using Alium Designer and STM8 microcontrollers. On weekends continued working as freelancer, designing PCBs for Hilti and others.
Electronic Design Engineer
Moved to Purbach and continued working there. Still worked mostly for GPEG, but also designed LED lamps for APEX-LED, and test equipment for G+.
Electronic Design Engineer
Moved to Austria, because of the economic crisis in Hungary. Worked mostly for GPEG on a new capacitive sensor, TapTile. Became Gold Level Microchip Design Partner. Used Altium Designer for PCB designs, and learned to use SolidWorks for 3D modelling. Created documentation with OpenOffice tools.
Electronic Design Engineer
Worked almost excusively for NTERA on a new type of display. Wrote programs for Microchip PIC in assembler and C, and for PC in C#. Designed PCBs in Altium Designer. Unfortunately NTERA dissolved after repeated problems with the chemistry of the display.
Electronic Design Engineer, Manager
Founded PROPIX Ltd. in 2000. Worked as manager, design engineer, consultant, programmer, technical writer and web designer. Wrote programs for Microchip PIC in assembler and C and for PC in Delphi, BDS and Java. Designed active web components in PHP, MySQL, Java and JavaScript. Was the first Hungarian Microchip Design Partner. Designed PCBs in Protel.
Electronic Design Engineer, Manager
Designed flat panel VGA cards, small alphanumeric and graphic controller cards, RFID decoders, keyboard controllers, touch controllers, motor controllers and switch mode power supplies. Programmed Xilinx, Lattice and Altera PLDs. Wrote software in Microchip PIC, 8031, Z80, 8x86 assemblers, C, C++ and Delphi. Created technical documentation in PDF. Was responsible for the work of five other design engineers, and solved technical problems during production.
Electronic Design Engineer

Designed videoterminals, keyboard controllers, BAR code readers and credit card readers. Programmed Xilinx PLDs. Wrote software in Z80, 8x86, 8031, 8048 assemblers and in C. Used WordStar to write technical documentation.


MSEE in Measurement and Control Electronics, Technical University of Budapest. Graduated summa cum laude.
English Technical Translator, ELTE, Budapest.
English State Exam, Advanced Level, ITK, Budapest.
Certificate in English, ICC, Frankfurt.


English - Speaks fluently, reads, writes and translates technical documentation.
German - Reads and understands very well.
Programming languages: C, Assembler (STM8, STM32, PIC1x, PIC32, x86, Z80, i8048, i8031), HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Java, Lua, Python, Shell script, C++, C# and some Pascal, Delphi, Fortran, Basic, Modula


Robart - Cleaning robot main board and sensors
Hilti Innovationszentrum - Designed various PCBs
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Tel: +43 670 2055090
Pintér Gábor
Feuerwehrgasse 1/2/9
Purbach am Neusiedlersee
A-7083, Austria