Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer - References

Products, still in production

I usually design only a small part of a product, and I do not always know how it will be used. A schematics diagram, a PCB, a firmware, a test program, or a test kit.
But sometimes I design a product alone from start to finish, or at least know what the end product will be.

VIDEOTON Densitron Macher Kft. BiancaMed Sabeus NTERA MP Informatikai Kft. APEX LED GmbH G+ GPEG HILTI Robart

Reference projects

Small projects to show my style and skills.
Unfortunately I usually work under an NDA, which is sometimes so strict, that it does not allow me to mention even the name of the project. Therefore I cannot show anything serious here.

Formal references

Formal references from my most valued customers.

New ideas and proof-of-concepts

I have far too many ideas to follow them all through. So I decided to take them to the proof-of-concept state, make sure they not just idle speculations, and list them. Most of them are too big to make them alone, others are just waiting in the queue. Maybe someone will be interested and help me. I offer to make them, or similar ones based on the same idea, for a reduced price.

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