Sparkling bubble trail

If you want it on your web page do this:
  1. Download the files
  2. Include "bubbletrail.js" from the head of your page
  3. Define parameters or accept the defaults
This script works with Internet Explorer 5+, Nescape Navigator 6+, or any version of Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari.

1. Download the files

Download the files in zip format, and copy the contents to the same folder where your web page is.

2. Include bubbletrail.js in the head of your page

Insert the following line into the head of your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="bubbletrail.js"></script>

3. Define parameters

Set parameters and press Update!
>>> <<<

You can accept the defaults or assign new values to these variables:

Max size of a bubble.

bubbletrail.size= 10;

Max position jitter.

bubbletrail.size= 50;

Define average z order position of image.
Drag the example image over this section to see it working.
This section is on a relative positioned layer with z-index of 9.
See how the mouse trail images can go behind the text.

bubbletrail.zindex= 5

Max life of a bubble in milliseconds. 1000;

More examples