Electronic design

I have been designing electronic cards for more than 30 years. Some of these were attempts to make new products, never existed before, others were just smaller, cheaper, smarter or safer versions of existing circuits. Not all of them were successful, but those that were, helped my customers to create a handsome profit. I made all these projects under strict NDAs, so I can tell very little about them here.

HW, FW and SW

I am equally at home with HW and low level FW development, so I can most efficiently work where these two meet. Small and cheap microcontrollers can often replace traditionally designed, complicated electronic circuits, not only making them cheaper and smaller, but also safer, smarter and easier to maintain too.

Here is an example how I analyze a circuit, and make it cheaper, smaller and smarter. Of course this example is oversimplified. Analyzing a real circuit takes more time.

3D modeling

Over the years I learned 3D modeling at professional level, and I can work at the boundary of electronics and mechanics, which is important in the next generation of robots and hand-held devices.


Recently I had some time to make a few small things for myself, just for the pleasure of creation. These are much, much simpler than the ones I design for a living, but I can show them here, and make them freely available to anyone, who is interested.


I designed this web page from scratch. It may not be as spectacular as the ones created with big commercial web design frameworks, but it shows that I understand HTML, JS, CSS, PHP and SQL well. I am active on StackExchange, on GitLab and on CodePen, and I am trying to return the help I received from the community.

Android Apps

Designing PCBs is the area I know best, and I can do it very fast and in high quality. But I am always interested in new things. Currently I am learning Android programming, and IoT. If you have a commercial project that can help me to learn more, and help you to make your project faster, please contact me.