Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer - References

Formal references from my most valued customers.


I designed large part of the main board HW, the HW and FW of the battery management unit, one version of the safety circuit, and experimented with various sensors.


I designed dozens of PCBs for them. In some, there were high frequency components, in others, high current or high voltage signals, and all were to be used in a demanding, space constrained environment.


For more than two decades Microchip was the leading manufacturer of the cheapest and the best microcontrollers.

In 2000 I became the first Hungarian Microchip Design Partner, and used the smallest PIC processors in many price sensitive applications.

Unfortunately, today, in 2020, while I am still a registered Microchip Design Partner, ST Microelectronics produces cheaper and better, and Padauk produces much cheaper microcontrollers, and I am gradually shifting my focus towards their products.


This is all what remained of more than a decade of work.

One day, in 2014, I got a letter, telling me that GPEG had been bought by Advantech, and they no longer needed my services. It is very sad. The takeover was so fast, that I did not have the opportunity to ask for a proper formal reference.

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