I offer a lifetime warranty for everything I design, past, present or future.

The things listed among the freebies and open HW are excluded from this warranty.

I will do my best to fix every error that you find as soon as I can. The warranty is restricted to the fixing of the error. It does not cover any indirect or subsequent losses that may be the result of the error, like loss of profit, manufacturing delays, cost of reworking of already manufactured or sold cards, etc.

Vis major, events beyond my control, like an error resulting from an IC not working the way it is described in its datasheet, are also excluded.


I can offer my unilateral NDA, and I am willing to sign yours, so the confidentality of your ideas, designs and projects is protected right from the beginning.

Even without an NDA, I give you the full, excusive ownership of every result of the project, and do not share any part of it with anyone, I do not claim to own it, or to own any part of it, except the following:

  • Normally I write my contact data on internal documentation and in the source code, and I write your contact data on every document that may reach your customers. The purpose of this is to make it easy for anybody in your organization to find me, if he/she discovers any error, or want to ask a question.
  • I mention on my website that I work for your company and link it to your website, like this.
  • After you publish some information about your project on the internet, I may use some of that information to mention that I worked on your project and create a link to your web page, where you describe your product in detail, like this.
  • You will not be the owner of generic, reusable items, made from widely available public information, even if I create them, or edit them, while working on your project. For example you will not be the owner of the footprint of a 0603 resistor, or the generic header file of STM8S003, even if they are used in your project.

If you prefer to have an even stricter NDA, please contact me. I worked once under an NDA that was so strict that it did not allow me to acknowledge even the existence of the NDA.

I do not mind working on a strict need-to-know basis either, but I can work more efficiently if I know a little about the environment my design will be used.

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