Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer

Companies, I worked for:

Robart GmbH

2014 - now

I designed large part of the main board HW of their cleaning robot, the HW and FW of the battery management unit, one version of the safety circuit, and experimented with various sensors.

Hilti AG.

2014 - now

I designed dozens of PCBs for Hilti. In some, there were high frequency components, in others, high current or high voltage signals, and all were to be used in a demanding, space constrained environment.

WITTMANN Kunststoffgeräte Ges.m.b.H


I designed an experimental proximity sensor for them.


2008 - 2014

I designed LCD control electronics, written microcontroller firmware and manuals, and created test tools on PC in C#. I worked for years on new, patent protected, waterproof capacitive sensors.

In 2014 GPEG was bought by Advantech, and the new owners did not need my work any longer.

Geeplus Europe Limited

2005 - 2014, intermittently

I designed solenoid controller PCBs.


2012 - 2013

I designed LED lamp electronics, using European components, universal dimmers, LED lamp test tools and evaluated competitor's products.

MP Informatikai Ltd. Co.

2011 and 2013

I designed various four- and six-layer PCBs in Altium Designer.


2004 - 2008

I designed electronics for testing NanoChromics displays, and prototypes of common custom display products, like wristwatch, wall clock, calculator, price tags etc.

Sabeus Sensor Systems

Around 2010

I took part in designing one of their sensors.

BiancaMed (later ResMed)

Around 2005

I took part in designing SleepMinder™ a contactless, accurate device for the measurement of sleep and breathing in the home setting.

Macher Kft.

1995 - 2005, intermittently

I designed safety and test equipment.

Densitron Europe Ltd.

1988 - 2000

I started working for them while I was at VIDEOTON. And later they were the main business partner of our company Trixel. I designed electronics for LCD Modules, Custom LCD Modules, TFT Displays, OLED Displays, VFD Dispalys, Mechanical Displays, LCD Glass and Touch Screens. I was among the firsts, who designed VGA cards for PCs for flat panel displays.


1988 - 2000

I started my professional career there. I designed keyboard controllers, BAR-code readers, and electronics for videoterminals.

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