Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer
Reference projects

Small projects to show my style and skills.
Unfortunately I usually work under an NDA, which is sometimes so strict, that it does not allow me to mention even the name of the project.
Therefore I cannot show anything serious here.

Can you make it cheaper?

... or smaller, or simpler, or smarter, or more secure, or more accurate, or more reliable?

These are the most common questions I get from customers. Even when they are asking me to design something that never existed before, they imply that that something must be cheap, and small, and smart, and secure.

And the answer is almost invariably, YES.

Test me!

Send me your circuit, and I will make it cheaper.

Open hardware

Small things I designed for fun, or used for learning new things or testing other prototypes.

Full documentation, all design files, Gerber files, 3D models, etc. are free to download from here.

As it is impossible to make only a few samples of these small cards, I have plenty of bare PCBs available in the shop for ridiculously low prices.

Altium Designer libraries with 3D support

I do not trust the default libraries of any design package. They are mass produced, made in a hurry, and distributed without warranty.

The stakes are high. A poorly designed component can make manufacturing difficult, if not impossible.

I design my own components, based on the datasheet and the manufacturing process.

Here is a small collection to show how they look like.

CSScript screenshot

C# scripts

Experimenting with C# Reflection. A small program to compile and execute a C# script at runtime.

C# source code, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

ComCommonLib screenshot


Generic two and three pointer FIFOs.
Reasonably thread safe. Read and write can be called from different threads.

C# source code, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Help file

Articles, white papers and publications

I like to write about things I know well.

Web components

Most professional programmers regard programming not only as work, but as a hobby too. Writing software is such a tremendous experience that programmers continue doing it in their spare time.

I like web programming, because it is easy and spectacular. I created these web components in my spare time, just for fun.

Disclaimer: Everything here has the main purpose of advertising my services, and provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

But everything I design as part of a contract comes with full, unlimited, lifetime warranty.

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