Pintér Gábor - Electronic Design Engineer - References

Products, that are still in production, or have been in production for years:

Robart robot

Cleaning robot with AI navigation system, which consists of hardware (sensor, mainboard) and software, as well as accompanying IoT services, which enable communication with the device.

I designed large part of the main board HW, the HW and FW of the battery management unit, one version of the safety circuit, and experimented with various sensors.

Various PCBs for HILTI

I designed dozens of PCBs for Hilti. In some, there were high frequency components, in others, high current or high voltage signals, and all were to be used in a demanding, space constrained environment.

I worked on a need-to-know basis, and I never new what the end product would be. The picture on the left is only an illustration. My PCBs may, or may not, be used in this, or something similar, tool.

TapTile Starter


Waterproof capacitive switch. I designed the electronics, wrote the firmware and the PC test program.

Unfortunately production discontinued, when Advantech bought GPEG in 2014.

I planned to have an internet enabled version of it, but I was unable the convince the new owners of the company of the profitability of such product. Today, in 2020, the original 433MHz version is definitely old fashioned.

Formula 1 Tyre Heater Controller

I designed the electronics and wrote the firmware around 2010, before the widespread use of smartphones.

Today I would make it controllable from a smartphone, or from anything connected to the internet.

GPEG Kickstart LCD design Tool

I wrote test programs and the User's Manual.

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